Monday, March 10, 2008

Prior to this entry, you will find ten days worth of food journaling that I performed at the behest of James. The most recent entry or two kindof got screwed up (hence the "end march 8th, begin march 9th stuff"), but otherwise the entries are accurate to the days they were posted.

I have included portion size, ingredients, and caloric values when I know them. If the bolded headline of the entry indicated I ate a portion of something (i.e. 1/2 of a wrap), then I have already done the calculations for the portion size in the included information (so all of the 1/2 wraps will already reflect half the calories/etc of a full wrap). In some instances I didn't know exact ingredient or portion info because I hadn't prepared the food myself. I have included as much as I know about what is in those items, as well as a photo of each.. the photo should give you a pretty good clue as to the size and constitution of the meal.

As James performs his nutritional analysis I will revise this entry with whatever information he passes along to me.

UPDATE 3/19/2007 : James has sent me some graphs. It seems my daily intake ranges from 1500 to 2000 calories, and in general is a little low on Vit A/D/E/K. I'll start taking a supplement, and try to eat more leafy veggies.

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