Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10:05pm - Jackfruit Burrito + Vegan Caesar
Burrito with tons of jackfruit (a south american fruit), pinto beans, brown rise, diced tomato, etc. Eaten at my favorite vegan place in LA, Pure Luck.

Also a small vegan Caesar salad (lettuce, onions, a few crutons).

1/2 L Filtered Water

5:14pm - 1/2 L Filtered Water

Soy Chicken Kung Pao (+1/2 container brown rice) from Vegan Factory
•Not sure of exact calories etc.. has carrots, celery, water chestnuts, peanuts, onions, green bell peppers, etc. About 75% veggies, 25% "meat"
•1 package soy "chicken meat"
•1/2 container of steamed brown rice

10:00am - 1 L Filtered Water

9:05am - Plain bagel. Half w/ Cherry Preserves, Half w/ PB
•1 Plain Bagel (360cal, 19fatcal, fat2.1g, .3g satfat, sodium 700mg, 3g fiber, 14g protein)
•2 Tbsp of "365" brand (creamy) peanut butter (200cal, 140fatcal, 16g fat, satfat 1.5g, sodium 90mg, 6g carb, protein 8g)
2 Tbsp Organic Cherry Preserves (100cal, 0g fat, carb 26g, sugar 26g)

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