Saturday, March 1, 2008


1:20am - Bottle of water (same 1L bottle from before, refilled from Brita pitcher)

1:25am - Brown and wild rice with "chicken" seitan and diced organic pepper. No sauce, just moistened riced with seitan and veggies.. although I did add a very small amount of Sriracha hot sauce (2.5 calories, lol)

•2 cups of brown, wild, and red rice (440cal, 7g fat, 0 satfat, 1460mg sodium, 84g carbs, 6g fiber, 12g protein)
•1 package of "chicken" style seitan strips (160 calories, 6oz weight, 12g carb, 1100mg sodium, 28g protein)
•1/2 of a large organic green bell pepper

1:50am - Bowl of Cereal
5 Raspberries (organic)
4 Blackberries (organic)
4 Blueberries (organic)
1 Strawberry (organic)
2 packets of Stevia extract (cal 0, sugars 2g, carbs 2g)
2 cups of Kashi GO LEAN! crunch (380cal, 6g fat, satfat 0g, sodium 200mg, potassium 600mg, carbs 74g, fiber 16g, sugars 26g, protein 18g)
1 cup of Silk soy milk (100cal, 4g fat, .5g satfat, 2.5g polyunsatfat, 1g monounsatfat, 120mg sodium, 300mg potassium, 8g carb, fiber1g, sugars6g, protein7g)

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